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The go-to solution for commercial, government and military customers around the globe

Expeditionary and versatile ScanEagle delivers persistent imagery on land or at sea at a fraction of the cost of other surveillance methods. The aircraft’s superior live video feeds provide you with the information needed to be a step ahead of almost any situation, whether it be an agricultural assessment, oil or gas pipeline inspection, force protection, and beyond.

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Mark 4 Launcher

Expeditionary design, multi-UAV compatible

Our unmanned aircraft are launched autonomously via a pneumatic catapult launcher. With Insitu systems, you can be located almost anywhere on the planet, whether on land or at sea. Regardless of your needs or system configuration, from the tropics to the desert, from the ocean to the mountains, Insitu UAS are proven to help you make the best decision.

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SkyHook™ Recovery

No nets. No runway. No limit to where you deploy.

Our unmanned aircraft are recovered using the patented SkyHook recovery system. This leads to a nimble, mobile, and versatile launch and recovery system that is capable of getting a wide variety of payloads airborne with the least amount of space or set-up time required.

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ScanEagle Imagers

ScanEagle Capabilities