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More power. More capability. Persistent reliability.

Expeditionary and versatile ScanEagle delivers persistent imagery on land or at sea at a fraction of the cost of other remote sensing methods. Our latest ScanEagle features upgraded avionics, increased payload capability and a new heavy fuel purpose-built propulsion system that dramatically improves reliability and performance—and it’s all backed by the experience of the platform that invented the agile ISR category.

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Mark 4 Launcher

Expeditionary design, multi-UAV compatible

The trailer-mounted Mark 4 Launcher conquers rugged terrain, high altitudes and extreme temperatures to earn its standing as our most versatile launcher yet. A low-maintenance, runway-independent platform, the Mark 4 is powered by an onboard diesel generator and air compressor and is compatible with all of Insitu’s unmanned aircraft.

Mark 4 Launcher Product Card

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SkyHook™ Recovery

No nets. No runway. No limit to where you deploy.

Our unmanned aircraft are recovered using the patented SkyHook recovery system. This leads to a nimble, mobile, and versatile launch and recovery system that is capable of getting a wide variety of payloads airborne with the least amount of space or set-up time required.

SkyHook Recovery Product Card

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Payloads and Capabilities


RQ-21A Blackjack