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Motion imagery media exploitation

TacitView is designed to maximize an analyst’s productivity by providing powerful FMV editing, enhancement, exploitation and reporting tools. This Windows software application allows analysts to find, scrub, view, improve, tag, edit, annotate and publish motion imagery, metadata and other data sources across the enterprise during all phases of exploitation.

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Find media using keyword, metadata, geospatial and temporal search criteria from a wide variety of sources, including our Catalina media server, or from other commonly available data sources, such as files, network streams, and imagery and intelligence libraries, including the DCGS integrated backbone (DIB) and NATO coalition shared database (CSD).



TacitView’s built-in media viewer is designed for ease of use and performance and can easily support multiple simultaneous playback of files, streams and archive results. Screen one feed live while working forensically on several other files and streams.



Whether you are screening or annotating imagery live or post-mission, TacitView’s viewer and interface provide an efficient workflow for tagging and annotating your content. Tags are easily identified in the imagery as well as on the timebar and annotations can be published to Catalina or used in derivative products.



With built-in video editing tools, producing snapshots of full frames or regions of interest is easy and includes any on-screen annotations you have added. Set in-and-out points and create shortened video segments that are easier to distribute over congested networks.



Building on decades of computer vision and image processing experience, TacitView exposes several methods to enhance and improve your imagery product. Content from aerial platforms is fraught with issues and abnormalities due to the nature of flying through air, so having tools like these is critical to getting the most out of your collected imagery.



Once you have suitable data, edited it, and cleaned it up, TacitView gives you the tools to exploit that data to derive mission critical information. When combined with the horsepower of a Catalina Media Server, TacitView can provide you with geo-registered imagery with improved metadata, enabling accurate, real-world measurements from uncalibrated capture platforms.



Combine the raw materials of your collection, correlate them with other sources of imagery, metadata or geospatially based information and produce mission-specific folders of content with templates, saved sessions and organizational tools that allow you to work your way.



Once you have completed your product, TacitView makes it easy to distribute it using other file types, containers, and derivative products. With full support for standards-based file and metadata formats, plus support for the most popular commercial off-the-shelf formats, TacitView is ready to deliver the goods.

Tacitview Licensed Features: Metadata-rich media mastery the way you need it

Get the most out of your still and motion imagery. After you’ve obtained our core suite of information processing software, supplement it with additional optional features to meet your specific needs. Click on each licensed feature to learn how you can customize your package for better mission and operational outcomes.

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View video streams, files, and still images with embedded metadata. Generate clips from video streams or files in MPEG-2, H.264, or MP4 formats. Create secondary imagery products from video streams, files, and still images in JPEG, PNG, or BMP formats to remove metadata from output products. Export to JPEG2000, NITF, NSIF, GeoTIFF or KMZ format to preserve metadata in output products.


Enables the creation of image-referenced and geospatial-referenced annotations and user-defined tags (bookmarks) to be added to motion imagery or still imagery.

Catalina Connector

Enables discovery, subscription, and publishing of media, annotations, and tags to a specified Catalina Server.

Customer Plug-ins

Allows customers to build custom plug-in functionality into TacitView using the TacitView API.

GEOInt Viewer

Enables geospatial visualization of video and still images within a 3D Globe to help provide situational awareness.

Product Creation

Enables the creation of compilation video products consisting of multiple still images, slides and other video clips into MPEG-2, H.264, and/or WMV formats. Additionally enables creation of PowerPoint presentations in an automated fashion.

Still Image Georectification

Enables the manual addition of geographic information of a single image derived from still or motion imagery. Requires TacitView Baseline and TacitView GEOInt Viewer.

Still Image Mosaicking

Builds orthoimage mosaics from a series of related still images. Leverages embedded camera position data (EXIF or an accompanying XML file) to optimize the geospatial accuracy of the orthoimage.

Visual Enhancements

Improves visualization of imagery through demanding, dehazing, contrast enhancement, stabilization, and super resolution features with motion imagery.

Local On-Screen Metadata Editor

Enables on-screen metadata inpainting, on-screen metadata redaction, and on-screen OCR of metadata within TacitView.

Local Archive

Enables a Catalina installation to operate with only a TacitView instance installed on the same machine.

3D Reconstruction

Optional feature that allows for the reconstruction of 3D point clouds, meshes and textured models from still or motion imagery with or without metadata. Available metadata is used to geolocate and scale the resultant model for easy export to popular geographical information systems. (Requires Catalina)

Parallax Visualizer

Optional feature that generates clips that alternate the aligned images at the appropriate frequency to make the image appear in 3D. This capability provides better contextual awareness of the scene by utilizing the user’s ability to process parallax with stereo vision.

Information Processing