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INEXA Solutions

INEXA Solutions

Pioneering, Performing, Uniting and Caring to Provide Ultimate Value

INEXA Solutions is a comprehensive suite of remote sensing products and services that begins with customer collaboration to determine business pain points and needs. Robust, unique solutions are then tailored using unmanned or manned vehicles, sensors, analytics, data integration, command and control software, and flight operation and training services. All of which is focused on delivering optimum business intelligence to commercial enterprises. This streamlined data collection, automation, and integration into your business results in decision-making superiority delivered.

With more than 20 years of aerial experience, and backing by The Boeing Company’s 100-year history of aviation and innovation, we relentlessly demonstrate our reliability, credibility, expertise, and innovation in remote aerial sensing.

As a Pioneer, our culture demands progress and innovation — which breeds fresh and fearless ideas that lead to valuable, cutting-edge services and products.

INEXA Solutions allows us to Perform by working with you to solve your unique enterprise business needs and challenges. This comprehensive suite of products and services provides you with ultimate business knowledge through data collection, automation, and integration to optimize your business processes.

We Unite our global teams of professional remote pilots, trainers, software developers, and regulatory experts to apply their expertise in converting precision data and aerial imagery into meaningful information. This information is seamlessly integrated into your business plan, enabling decision-making superiority.

Not only do we Care for our global family of Insitu employees, but we purposefully develop our offerings with an eye toward your employees and their families, as well. We do this by delivering products and services that ensure safer conditions in the future, while mitigating hazardous conditions that currently exist.

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INEXA Solutions

Stay competitive by gaining business knowledge and answers ​

Insitu unmanned aerial systems and data analytics technologies provide broad-area and enduring situational awareness, real time high-fidelity imagery, and daily actionable information allowing:

  • Remote infrastructure inspection
  • Right-of-way monitoring
  • Asset protection
  • Effective reaction to emergency situations
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Other commercial applications

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INEXA Solutions

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