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Explore how Insitu’s trusted, proven UAS can help you get the job done safely while enhancing your operations and outcomes.

Insitu unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and services have been the proven solution for the defense industry for more than a decade. This expertise combined with our quality products results in the delivery of critical information, data, imaging, benchmarking, mapping and monitoring to help you make informed decisions.

Whether your mission is to protect life, borders, property assets, or critical infrastructure you can rely on Insitu—the trusted leader in UAS information delivery.

Insitu welcomes and encourages inquiries to explore the value of our information delivery products and services. Please contact us to seek advice on the potential of UAS for your needs.

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Government: Success Stories

Government: Success Stories

ScanEagle aids in Olympic National Park firefight

Challenge: The summer of 2015 was a bad one for wildfires in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. The driest spring in more than 100 years with a snowpack that was only 14 percent of average resulted in more than 625,000 acres of wildfires burning throughout the region by mid-summer. The Paradise Fire burning in Washington State’s Olympic National Park burned more than 2,700 acres alone and was eventually the fire that would summon Insitu’s Rapid Response Team with ScanEagle in tow.

Solution: Thanks to an emergency certificate of authorization (ECOA) issued to the Department of the Interior from the Federal Aviation Administration, ScanEagle flew six operations and delivered more than 37 hours of infrared video in near-real-time to Incident Command personnel over the Paradise Fire. Additionally, Insitu’s Catalina media server provided incident commanders with enhanced video imagery and improved geospatial metadata to determine the fire’s perimeter and identify hot spots. Maps created using Catalina’s Video Batch Mosaicker provided another valuable set of insight for the fire progression each day. ScanEagle also assisted helicopters by evaluating water drop locations.

Result: Coupled with ScanEagle flyovers, firefighters were better equipped to respond to the movements of the Paradise Fire as they were provided with time-sensitive information to give them the highest level of situational awareness possible as they fought the blaze. In the bigger picture, this demonstration and others will serve to guide the policies and requirements for the safe, phased integration of unmanned aircraft systems in support of wildfire management within the National Airspace System.

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