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Keep up with Insitu as we work to pay it forward to our community.

Community Engagement

Partnering to build better and more remarkable communities.

STEM Education

Nurturing young, local talent for the future.

Environmental Sustainability

Committing to being smart stewards and good neighbors.

Culture & Wellness

Uniting with purpose, action and integrity.

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Insitu History

Insitu History

In 1994 we got our start in a pole barn garage in Bingen, Washington. We were engineering Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) initially to monitor weather, which later lead to working with the tuna industry. The incredible agility, responsiveness and safety of our UAS got us thinking: We can do more. We can expedite the efforts of search and rescue teams, come to the aid of emergency response personnel, help troops in the field and civilians stay safe and so much more.

So we did just that, all while pioneering a now-global industry along the way.

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Insitu’s Vision for Community Education

Insitu’s Vision for Community Education

We strive to support a pipeline for full-circle education, building partnerships and creating proactive enthusiasm around STEM education in the spirit of building a strong community while bolstering talent for our industry.

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