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Preserve resources with superior situational awareness

Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) can fill gaps that are seemingly impossible. From safer inspection in dangerous or harsh environments to assessing hard-to-reach places, we deliver the persistent information you need for unparalleled business intelligence.

With Insitu you’ll have detailed, actionable information for more informed decisions. With more than 10 years of UAS flight services and information delivery under our belt, Insitu can help you maximize the power of UAS, safely.

Whether you move products and people safely to destinations, provide energy and natural resources or grow crops, you can rely on Insitu—the trusted leader in UAS information delivery.

Insitu welcomes and encourages inquiries across industries to explore the value of our UAS information delivery. Please contact us to seek advice on the potentialof UAS for your needs.

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BNSF uses Insitu UAS to monitor railways as part of FAA Pathfinder Program

Challenge: Trains carry vital supplies from all corners of the United States, so it goes without saying that keeping the tracks in impeccable working condition is a top priority for railway companies. When BNSF Railway called upon Insitu to conduct flyovers of an extensive stretch of track in New Mexico in the autumn of 2015, showing the utility of ScanEagle in supplementing the company’s railway monitoring efforts was only part of the equation. The operation also demonstrated one more way unmanned aircraft can fit into the National Airspace System (NAS) for the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Pathfinder Program.

Solution: ScanEagle was launched multiple times over the course of a week in October 2015 from Vaughn, NM to inspect 140 miles of BNSF track between Tolar and Mountainair, NM. During the 14 hours of flyovers, ScanEagle targeted problems such as washouts and bridge damage. The information gathered was then fed back to Insitu personnel on the ground in real-time.

Result: The exercise demonstrated how in addition to a railway company’s traditional methods of track monitoring, unmanned aircraft can be a powerful force multiplier and further enhance railway safety and infrastructure inspection. This not only could promote the safety of the trains on the tracks being inspected, but also keep employees out of harm’s way and harsh conditions. In the bigger picture, the opportunity to present these capabilities as part of the Pathfinder Program will aid in the integration of unmanned aircraft into the NAS safely and further encourage the use of unmanned technologies for commercial applications.

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